Month: July 2018


FIFA World Cup 2018 aka FIFA 2018 has been the most entertaining world cup of all! If you are still not recovered from your team’s exit, then you need to cheer for the new legends who are in the virtue of Read more…

Underdogs Punching The Giants Of Modern Football -FIFA World Cup 2018

Unexpected! Out Of The Blue! The rise of underdogs! After every four years comes the FIFA World Cup with lots of expectations from the big names who are bossing in the club games. But, FIFA World Cup exclusively gives the Read more…


Unexpected results, late goals, thrilling matches and no doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo ruling it! FIFA World Cup 2018 has been nothing short of a blockbuster entertainer! But, apart from exciting matches, there are many more things which have made this world Read more…

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