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FIFA World Cup 2018 – Inspiring And Noteworthy!


Unexpected results, late goals, thrilling matches and no doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo ruling it! FIFA World Cup 2018 has been nothing short of a blockbuster entertainer! But, apart from exciting matches, there are many more things which have made this world cup even more unique and fresh. Let’s take a look:


Use Of VAR- Video Assistant Referees


Being a human, you are bound to make mistakes! But in sports mistakes from the referee can literally change the course of the game. But technology is always the savior and with VAR, the referees can check the video of the decision which they doubt and then make the correct decision.


How cool is this new initiative where referees can make use video and correct their decisions! In FIFA World Cup 2018 it has already made a huge impact in a number of games but according to a number of experts, VAR might take the excitement out by keeping the game on hold. But injustice in the world cup games is certainly inarguable!


Let’s take a brief look at how VAR has been used in few of the FIFA world cup 2018 matches:


#Spain v Portugal


What happened: Diego Costa challenged Pepe to score the 24th-minute equalizer, leaving him with the damaged jaw.


Result Of VAR: As per the video, the goal should have been counted, and finally it was!


#Iran v Spain


What happened: The Iranians began to celebrate as soon as Saeid Ezatolahi scored an equalizer against Spain, but the referee asked them to stop until the VAR check.


Result Of VAR: It was declared offside and the goal was not counted!


There are many more matches which literally benefitted with the use of VAR and eventually the Justice Prevailed!


After Big Win, Japan Cleaned The Stadium


Well, the fans who came to watch Japan versus Columbia match did something VERY shocking!


Firstly, it was quite amazing to see underdogs Japan winning against Columbia but even more shocking was how their supporters reacted to it! Rather than celebrating and partying, they cleaned up the stadium!


Yes, you read that right!


The fans who have come all the way to Russia to support their team win did not celebrate the victory by partying, instead, they picked up the wrappers, food bags, and more and used the garbage bags which they specifically brought to the stadium.

The emergence of technology and love for the game has certainly made the FIFA World Cup 2018 inspiring and noteworthy!



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