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FIFA World Cup – A look down the memory lane

FIFA Word Cup

Are you a fan of football? Who isn’t? Ahead of a world championship such as the FIFA World Cup 2018, it will be a great warm-up for you to know about the brand FIFA and more about its history. It has nothing to do with who will win the world cup, but it will certainly make you a much a better follower of the game.

What is FIFA?

FIFA or Federation of Association Football is the body administering the international games of soccer. The governing body has 211 associated members working with the only GOAL of constant enhancement for the game of football.

Origin of FIFA

The date of May 21, 1904, is marked as the birth of FIFA. The brand was originated in Paris, with the prime objective of the improvement of the game. The act of foundation was signature by the representatives from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Spain, and Sweden. Robert Guerin was the first President elected after the two days of the foundation of FIFA.

World CUP

FIFA entertained the first international soccer championship in the year of 1906. Though, the competition was not very rewarding! Soon after few days, the organization suffered a financial loss, and this exclusively led to the replacement of Robert Guerin by Daniel Burley Woolfall as president.

In the year of 1908, Daniel Burley Woolfall led FIFA’s participation in Olympics. This was much more rewarding than the first attempt at FIFA. In the federation, there were only European countries at first. However, in the year of 1909, South Africa came in, which was exclusively followed by Chile and Argentina in the next three years. Then after a year, Canada and USA also signed the federation pact.

More about the FIFA World Affairs

The tournament of FIFA World Championship was played every four years. But due to World War II, this champions was hit hard. It was played between the senior men’s team of the respective nations in FIFA. Since the inauguration of the FIFA World Cup, it has now become the most viewed championship on the planet, even more than Olympics!

FIFA always works hard to make the game the best it can be!


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