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Football Coaching Comes of Age in India

Football Coaching Comes of Age in India

There was a time in India when Football was just being watched on the television! Yes, you read it right! There was a time and now the time has completely changed! Football has slowly become one of the premier games of the country with the National team performing well in the bigger stages. There is still a long way to go! But, it is surely getting better and going to get better with time to come.

India loved its glory in the game of football from 1950 to 1960s. India was successful in achieving a lot during that in the form of winning Gold medal in the Asian games of 1951 and 1962. The Indian National team was also placed fourth in the table during the time of the 1956 Olympics. Not only this, but the Indian team also got selected for the biggest competition of the World Cup in 1950 but couldn’t compete because they could not manage to buy shoes. In today’s time, you might find it petty but it was difficult for the National team to afford shoes and play the game at the highest level.

Post this incident Football hit the lowest point but the clubs of Kerala, Goa, and Bengal still kept the game alive. Despite poor football training and ground facilities, they kept the game moving in its full flow. All the hard work has finally started giving results in the 21st century with India growing again in this game of masses.

Upswing in Fortunes of Indian Football Training

From the last few years, Indian Football has gone against all odds and performed impeccably. The biggest reason for this success is the formation of the Indian Super League. Started in the year of 2014, ISL has made a significant impact in the Indian Football management. The game is better managed now and followed all across the country.

There are several grassroot-level programs which are helping passionate young footballers to access world-class training facilities. With the help of this program, the young footballers get the opportunity to play and expose their skills at the highest level. More than 10 lakh young footballers have got the opportunity to enhance their skills through these initiatives. Players are also been exposed to international football through their European Programmes.  How good is that!

Amazing Facts About The Surge Of Growth In Football

  • The clubs connect with around 5 lakhs talented young footballers so that they can help them with the best of football training methods.
  • In the year of 2015, Eric Benny Sports Management got the privilege to support the Indian National Team India Under -17 for World Cup in Europe. Players that have been mentored are successfully playing for the Indian National Team, European Clubs and Indian Super League (ISL).
  • The national tournament of college and school football is another benchmark of this growth. It allows one to assess the talent in different schools and universities and coach them with the best of training.

There are many more programs and training utilities that are helping Indian football talent to grow with open wings. They are mentored to help the Indian National team to achieve the success they are thirsty for! In India, this tremendous boost in terms of opportunities and interest has certainly come of age. Indian football is finally starting to get the much-needed push and growth with the best of facilities.

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