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Holiday Camp – Spend This Holiday for Future

Holiday Camp

We have all been there at some point during our childhood, when we would rather have attended that summer camp for our favourite sport than travel with parents for a vacation, or visit relatives, in another part of the country/world! But that obviously was not the option, and so many a summer was spent making idle talk and running errands for the various relatives that we visited.

But that was around the turn of the century, and a lot has changed since then! Sport has become a way of life like never before in the Indian society, and it’s not just cricket that occupies the mind of the young and restless during their idle moments. Sports like kabaddi, volleyball, football, hockey et al have slowly but surely carved a place for themselves in the hearts and minds of youngsters today, and many even exhibit the precocious talent required to take the decision to pursue that sport as their chosen profession.

In football, too, the chances and opportunities to do well have never been better, and competitions like the I-League, Indian Super League (ISL) and Santosh Trophy have shown that there is value in putting your head down and working hard in the sport. There are also various programmes at the grassroots level that aid the development of a player, and give them a chance to get the exposure required to become the best versions of themselves.

One of these programmes is the holiday camp that has been introduced by Eric Benny Sports Management (EBSM), where the child not only gets to go on vacation but train and compete in football as well. The concept came into being keeping in mind the very same issue that children faced at the beginning of this article, and it helps make that choice easier not only for the child but parents as well!

EBSM’s holiday camp programme, as the name mentions, involves the party travelling to either Germany (DeutschesFussballInternat – DFI) or France (FC Metz academy)to not only enjoy a short, well-deserved holiday during the winter (Diwali) and summer breaks, but also allow the child to train in football with some of the best coaches that Europe has to offer at some of the best footballing facilities that a youngster can train at around the world!

This ensures that the parents get their short vacation, while their child can also travel outside while also keeping in touch with his sport and continuing his training. The schedule is made such that there is no clash between training and sightseeing, while there are also accommodations made with regards to stay and food. They will be staying at the academy hostel, and that ensures that they are looked over in a safe and secure environment!

Such sports training trips are becoming increasingly frequent in today’s environment, where society has realized that fitness and sports have become inter-connected components of everyone’s lives and in order to stay fit and healthy, some kind of exercise is of paramount importance. The various travel agencies and companies have realised this and incorporated such trips into their programme, and that can only mean good things for aspiring, young sportspersons during the holiday seasons.

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