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How to become a professional footballer in Indian Football scene!

How to become a professional footballer in Indian Football scene!

Players like Salah used to travel 4 hours just to practice and play football, if you wanna become a professional footballer in the Indian Football scene, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Obviously, I’m not saying that you should also travel 4 hours, but you should never whine about the practice that starts 7 in the morning.

Here are few things to focus on

  • Focus on your basics don’t learn football overnight. Focus on your basics, don’t rush into scoring fancy goals as a forward and slide tackle everywhere as a defender.

Focus on your weak spots, For example – If you aren’t good at trapping the ball, practice drills that improve your trapping.

According to research, it takes around 10,000 Hours for muscle memory to develop. That doesn’t mean that you should practice 8 hours everyday, take breaks and practice around 5 days a week.

  • Choosing a position that suits you. Not every player is supposed to become Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, if you have a great physique, well maybe then you can fit a CDM/CB role
  • Maintaining a proper diet.

This is self-explanatory, you can’t become a winger and have 90 kgs and expect your body to support you while running down the wing.

  • Learn about your position. Analyse the game, watch more football matches.

If you are a CM, then watch players like David Silva or Kevin De Bruyne and analyse everything about their game, from the turn they took to the shot they took when they were under pressure and make notes like where they could have passed and what else could have been done. Preparing yourself in such a way will help you think in such situations.

  • Take Proper Rest

Many players don’t rest and get injured for long periods of time which is obviously the worst thing for a football player.

  • Record your games

Not only this will help you to realise your mistakes and analyse your game but with your gameclips, you can make a Highlight Video, which will help you later on.

  • Talk to your coaches

Socializing and getting the word out that you are a good player and looking for a team to go pro is often the missing link. Your coaches are known in the football community and can help you grow but will also get you recognized by other coaches and managers.

  • Football Trials

Football trials for the teams playing in the Divisions is a direct approach that will help you sign a contract and get you recognized.

  • Hire an agent

This is not known to a lot of Indian players but if you do wanna play outside India and grow as a player, maybe its time to hire an agent, you can get an agent either by talking to your teammates and coaches that are professional and are in touch/know this agent.

If not, well then you should search football agents in the area you wanna go to and get in touch with an agent. Research about them, see who they represent and how professional they are. You need to send them a Highlight video along with your CV.

[ Never pay an agent upfront ]

  • Try your spark overseas

If you are a student and can afford US, well then maybe giving the SAT and sending your CV and Highlight Video to Universities in US is a good idea as the scouting scene there is better than India.

If you are an exceptional player and have decent SAT scores, then maybe you can try for scholarships.

There will be rejections and bad times, but you should never give up.

The reason you don’t find a lot of people on the same level as you is because they stopped after those rejections but you didn’t. That’s what makes you a professional player.

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