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Top football academy in India

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  • It’s obvious for any football fanatic to have encountered with the name Eric Benny who is an ex-football player and a former manager of the Indian National Team.  For the incognizant lovers of football who doesn’t know who Eric Benny is should be restrained from watching football. After graduating from Delhi University, he shifted his focus on playing and promoting grass-roots football in India. He was later allotted as the manager of Indian Football Team during the 2010 Asian Games (Guangzhou, China), and the manager of the team that played the Olympic Qualifiers in 2011.After a successful launch in his career, he later tried to advocate the game of football among aspiring young Indian footballers. He partnered with other football academies from around the world and established his own  top football academy in India popularly known as Eric Benny Sports Management (EBSM). EBSM has offices all over India including Germany and France rendering services like coaching, scouting, consulting and mentoring.

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In a developing country like India, where cricket is worshipped like a religion and other sports are given mere importance and recognition, it’s important for any budding athlete to have equal respect and basic ideas about other commercial sports like football, hockey, basketball to name a few. The dream of becoming a budding footballer is something many dreams of but lucky are those who get to live their dreams and set an example for other young aspirants.

No doubt hard work and determination play a major role in shaping someone’s career, related to athlete or not but when it comes to global sports like football one must need proper guidance beyond the conventional limits to stand out as a global player representing his country or in the Premier League. Getting enrolled in football academy in India for becoming notable players and future aspirants is not just a fashion but very essential.

Besides having a sportsmen spirit and athletic qualities, the skills are required to be built over time which is developed and nurtured by the football training clubs. In today’s generation, everyone thrives for the best thus wanting to avail the best services and coaching in order to become a notable player. The football industry is ever changing with new rules and regulations being adopted every now and then. Players have to be faster,



stronger and more professional than ever before to become a successful football player which is why children should know which aspects are essential for a successful career. Get enrolled in one of the best football academy in India, i.e. Eric Benny Sports Management (EBSM) which serves as a home to some of the most committed, dynamic and invested individuals you would ever meet.
















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