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Underdogs Punching The Giants Of Modern Football

Underdogs Punching The Giants Of Modern Football -FIFA World Cup 2018

Unexpected! Out Of The Blue! The rise of underdogs! After every four years comes the FIFA World Cup with lots of expectations from the big names who are bossing in the club games. But, FIFA World Cup exclusively gives the opportunity to the teams who are new and have qualified to play at this level with some impeccable performance. This way it expands its already expanding audience globally.


Ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 is the ideal example of underdogs getting better of the big names, whether its Panama or Senegal’s excellence or the hosts making the most!


Russia: Emerging Hosts


Astounding performances and hosting the event has exclusively seal Russian team’s place. Firstly they won their first two opening games and then beating one of the favorites of the tournament-Spain out in quarters is certainly making them a team to beat.


Senegal- Beating The Odds


The first segment of the FIFA World Cup 2018 has certainly belonged to underdogs. For African teams like Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Nigeria, it has not been the best of time for them, as their poor performance has led them to lose their opening encounters. But team Senegal is certainly thinking differently and rising above all the odds, they beat Poland 2-1 in Group H. This certainly adds life into the hopes of the Senegal fans and they are celebrating by making the right noise.


World Champions Stunned By Mexico


World champions get defeated in the opening game of the World Cup, is it a norm? It was certainly an uphill situation for the team of Mexico to conquer the world champions Germany in their opening game. It was initially thought to be a one-sided affair but to everyone’s surprise, the result was totally different. Germany looked unstable in their defense and midfield arenas and El Tri took complete advantage of it by scoring an exceptional GOAL! It is the first time after 1948, Germany lost their opening game of FIFA World Cup. It was time for a Mexican WAVE!


Japan: The Asian Powerhouse


Japan was thrashed in the last World Cup by the South American opponent and they in return took a sweet revenge by winning their first game against Columbia. Red Card in the first four minutes of the game was certainly blessing in disguise, but they twice took the lead which was enough to defeat the strong Columbian side.


Not only the above matches but Iceland’s performance against Argentina and Switzerland holding the Brazilian team and South Korea defeating Germaing is certainly making this world cup a complete success. With weaker sides competing, it is certainly adding more flavor to the FIFA World Cup 2018.


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