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The dream of becoming a budding footballer is something many dreams of but lucky are those who get to live their dreams and set an example for other young aspirants. No doubt hard work and determination play a major role in shaping someone’s career related to athlete or not but when it comes to global sports like football one must need proper guidance beyond the conventional limits to stand out as a global player representing his country or in Premier League. Getting enrolled in top football training center in India for becoming notable players and future aspirants is very vital.

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Besides having a sportsmen spirit and athletic qualities, the skills are required to be built over time which is provided by the football training clubs. In today’s generation, there are many re-nouned football scouting clubs for kids in India offering not only scouting but rendering consulting services, coaching and mentoring as well.

To begin with, there are 4 major components of football training, namely – Technical, tactical, physical and mental.

The technical aspect of the game is essentially developing one’s ability on the ball. Breaking this down further would include how to shoot a ball, the ability to perform skills correctly under pressure, how to pass the ball (both in the air and on the ground) and how to control the ball. Technical ability can be taught, and be vastly improved and worked upon with constant regular practice. However, these skills are refined at a very young age, and progressing as an adult is notoriously difficult so it is better to get into action at a tender age.

The tactical aspect is explaining how to move around the field in accordance to where the ball is and the position of the player. When to make runs and which channels to follow to get the best possible situation of ball possession or interception. Tactical awareness is more important now than ever it has been and footballers lacking in this attribute will find it very strenuous to make it into the professional game in any orientation.


Though genetics play a significant part in how well built and swift a footballer is, both pace and physical strength can be worked on with regular training and coaching. The physical aspect is naturally the conditioning of one’s body to the requirements of football. Agility, speed, stamina, flexibility, and strength are a few of the many physical attributes that must be met to be a top player.

football,football training,football training components,international coach,player,COMPONENTS OF FOOTBALL TRAINING


Lastly, the mental aspect of football is the least worked on but possibly the most important. The top players who are not only gifted but they also possess a greater intellect and determination that sets them apart from the tens of thousands of competent players that never make it as a professional player. Focus, self-esteem, and discipline are the pillars of becoming a complete player.


There are many acclaimed professional football training academies in India and one such academy is Eric Benny Sports Management where all the significant skills and knowledge are taught and nurtured that is compelling for any affluent player. EBSM provides a wide array of services that does not only help in developing skills and knowledge but also moulds one’s personality. Getting enrolled in an academy is not just a fashion but a very supreme factor for making a mark in someone’s career.

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