European Programmes

Eric Benny Sports Management (EBSM) aims to build an educated race of personalities by providing young Indian footballers with international, cultural exposure and experience in football training along with schooling or an intensive language course.

With this vision in mind EBSM, every year, conducts a training program to identify and select the potential footballers in their football school campuses in Europe.

Europe Short – Term Program

Our scouting process happens once a year by UEFA certified coaches at our football academies. Shortlisted students will be given an opportunity to get an overall cultural and training specific experience and to be mentored at our European centres of expertise for a short – term program (2 – 3 months).


Highlights of the Program

  • Training by UEFA certified coaches
  • Exclusive program structured as per international practices
  • Daily football training
  • An opportunity for aspirants to learn and experience the life of a professional football player
  • Feedback after the training program
  • Language classes in country specific language
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Opportunity to get scouted for a long – term professional football program

Europe Long – Term Program

The students who are selected during the short – term program will then have the opportunity to be a part of a fully residential long – term professional football and schooling program. This program includes an integration in the European school system.


Highlights of the Program

  • Training by UEFA certifies coaches
  • Twice a day football training
  • Individual training session in the morning
  • Team training session in the afternoon
  • Private language classes or private schooling
  • Opportunity to get scouted from regional clubs