Eric Benny Football School (EBFS)

An Inclusive Residential Football Training with Education

A venture of Eric Benny Football School (EBFS) in cooperation with HMG Centre for Sports Excellence and in academic collaboration with Delhi Public School Rau

Eric Benny Sports Management (EBSM) aims to build an educated race of personalities by providing young Indian footballers with international, cultural exposure and experience in football training along with schooling with an intensive foreign language course. With this vision in mind EBSM built first of its kind international football school in India – Eric Benny Football School.

It is located in a lush green 32 acre educational campus in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Surrounded by rich flora and fauna EBFS believes in a learning environment inspired by nature. Our school is easily accessible by road, rail and air from different parts of the country and abroad. READ MORE

Residential Football Training

Our Core

Academic School

EBFS is in collaboration with Delhi Public Schools Rau, Indore in Madhya Pradesh as their academic schooling partner. READ MORE

Football Training

We utilize a progressive curriculum that is designed to cover various aspects of the game. Players can expect to be trained in technical READ MORE


Fully Residential School

End to end that enable a holistic education of a student-athlete

Age – specific Training

Training by UEFA certified coaches with technical inputs from Deutsche Fussball Internat (DFI), Germany

Position specific individual training

To consider each student-athletes’s strengths and weaknesses and adapt a unique training module

Match Analysis

Tactical class & Video match analysis class in our sports dedicated conference room

Physiotherapy & Injury rehabilitation sessions

The best preventive measures and injury recovery treatments for the student-athlete

Sports Nutrition and Sports Psychology

Caring for the student-athlete both on and off the pitch with industry experts

Training & Match kit

Catering to all the kitting requirements of the student-athlete

Goal Centric Reporting

Quarterly and Annual progress report of the student-athlete


Access to top school & professional tournaments like Subroto Cup, CBSE Nationals, Open Nationals and Youth I – League (U13, U15 & U18)

Trips to Europe & the US

An opportunity for the student-athlete to be inspired and compete with the best

Mission & Vision

Learn – Challenge – Lead

We want our students to learn, challenge and lead to become athletically and academically successful, life-long learners, creative and innovative thinkers, ethical, globally-minded contributors, and healthy, well-balanced individuals who will thrive and make a positive impact in a complex and changing world.Read More

Eric Benny Football School (EBFS) offers a unique academic and athletic environment where the responsibility for learning is handed back to the student-athletes, where teachers and coaches act as mentors to them and guide & consult them at every step of their journey.

Our balanced approach carries through into everything we do. At EBFS, it’s not just about academics and it’s not just about football but it's about life and well-being.

At EBFS, we use a holistic approach in raising our student-athletes. From healthy food to the healthy rhythm of the school day, the school term and the school year – we’re all about student-athlete’s complete health and wellbeing in their academics and sport journey.

Six Reasons to choose EBFS

reasons to choose Eric Benny Football School
Your child is an individual

At EBFS every student is treated like an individual. We value every personality of our students and we ensure constant communication between staff, students and parents, so we’re all working toward desired outcomes.

Elite level coaching every day

No other school in the country offers three hours of elite level football on a daily basis as part of the curriculum. Our top-level coaches guide each player’s development providing every opportunity for them to reach their full potential.

Our approach is best practice

Whether it’s in the classroom or on the football field, we take the best of the world’s research and apply it to our unique local model ensuring every child leaves Eric Benny Football School with the skills to succeed in today’s world.

A safe, supportive learning environment

With zero tolerance to bullying, our small, inclusive school values each individual, allowing them space and time to meet their true potential.

Developing the whole person

It’s not just about academics and it’s not just about football. At EBFS we feel strongly about the development of the whole person.

We’re passionate about what we do

Drawing on a wealth of experience and training, each one of our teachers and coaches cares deeply about working at EBFS. We are passionate and emotionally engaged with every one of our students and completely committed to providing the very best for their development and future success.



Constant and earnest efforts to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind. The value of diligence is demonstrated when we commit to daily football practice.

Hard Work

A person tending to work with energy, effort, endurance and commitment. The value of hard work is demonstrated when we commit to getting better every day on and off the pitch.


A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. The value of respect shall be present every day on the campus when the students are interacting with their teachers, coaches, friends, parents and others.


The act of binding oneself emotionally, physically, spiritually and principally, to a course of action and seeing it through. The value of dedication should be demonstrated in the passion that the staff and the students have been every day on the campus.

Ericbenny Residential Football Schools campus
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