The right mentoring programs have been known to help young student-athletes’ mature at both mental as well as physical level. This maturity certainly changes the way the student-athletes’ approach their work, their attitude and mannerisms they adopt to in their life. We at Eric Benny Sports Management (EBSM) assure that student-athletes’ not only learn the best football practices but will also learn what it takes to be the best in the crowd. We mentor every student-athlete enrolled with us to work towards their unique goals with their strengths and help them eliminate their areas of weaknesses.

Our mentoring programs help coaches as well and offer them an opportunity to work as a mentor to the student-athletes’ football journey. As a mentor, they can inspire the student–athlete to be a great sports person as well as a responsible member of the community.

Together we work towards achieving your goals and help you reach your supreme potential!

Players mentored by Eric Benny Sports Management


Position Specific

Master the unique skills needed at different positions on the field, including:

  • Making runs
  • Creating space
  • Sending players through
  • Shutting down an opponent
  • Using angles


Master the unique skills needed at different level of competition on the field, including:

  • Speed of play
  • Build-ups
  • Changing point of attack
  • Team shape
  • Applying pressure


  • Dribbling/ball control
  • Passing
  • Receiving
  • Shooting/striking
  • Heading


  • Understand the dynamics of play through numbers.
  • 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and up to 11 vs 11 drills focusing on attacking, defending and ball movement.


  • Maximise speed and agility
  • Build power
  • Increase endurance and aerobic capacity
  • Reduce chance of injury


  • Pre-match routines
  • Preparation
  • Manage emotions
  • Address adversity