Modelled on the best youth academies in Europe, the EBFS Program is an integrated, holistic, age-specific football school aimed at optimum player development.

The key objective is to develop each individual player’s technical ability. This provides a strong foundation with a step-by-step progressive plan that enables players to achieve ball mastery and develop the qualities and skill set required for higher level competition.

Players are educated about the importance of recovery, sleep, nutrition, psychology and mindset – all elements that are pivotal to sporting excellence and peak performance.


EBFS offers access to UEFA certified coaches from Europe. These coaches not only bring a wealth of technical knowledge and qualifications but also, they add world’s best practice within the curriculum.


We utilize a progressive curriculum that is designed to cover various aspects of the game. Players can expect to be trained in technical, tactical, physical and mental realms with a mixture of drill work and small & full – sided games.

On weekdays EBFS offers twice a day training. On the weekends there is time for matches in and around the city and other activities.

With a focus on the complete picture rather than isolated parts, student-athletes also participate in various disciplines such as athletics, swimming, football co-ordination and agility training.

We focus on the following facets of football training

Position-specific Training

Master the unique skills needed at different positions on the field, including :

  • Making runs
  • Creating space
  • Sending players through
  • Shutting down an opponent
  • Using angles


Master the unique skills needed at the different level of competition on the field, including :

  • Speed of play
  • Build-ups
  • Changing point of attack
  • Team shape
  • Applying pressure

Technical Training

  • Dribbling/ball control
  • Passing
  • Receiving
  • Shooting/striking
  • Heading

Tactical Training

  • Understand the dynamics of play through numbers
  • 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and up to 11 vs 11
  • Drills focusing on attacking, defending and ball movement

Performance Training

  • Maximize speed and agility
  • Build power
  • Increase endurance and aerobic capacity
  • Reduce the chance of injury


  • Pre-match routines
  • Preparation
  • Manage emotions
  • Address adversity


  • International size turf ground (100*55 meters)
  • Residential school program in academic collaboration with DPS Rau & DPS Indore
  • Mentorship & training by Eric Benny, Former Indian Football Player & Former General Manager of the Indian National Football team
  • Full-time UEFA certified German coaches with technical inputs from DFI, Germany
  • Special short-term camps with national & international players
  • Opportunity to get scouted for Europe Exchange Programs in partnership with European Clubs & Academies
  • Additional 5-a-side football field (coming soon
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